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Dance Film


Today? Yeah today! But wait like nah. Tomorrow… maybe

Venturesome came from the idea of having an inner monologue with ones self explored through dance. I had fragments of core elements within my head that I wanted the story to be, the main element being that I didn’t want to explore movement through the pathways of a trained body. I wanted someone comfortable inside there own skin but not in anyway coordinated. To me the idea seemed that bit more accessible to a wider audience as I wanted the viewer to be able to connect with the characters frustrations. In my head the idea was also hilarious.

Cast and Crew

Joshua Cramond

Josh to me stood out as a performer who carries a lot of charisma within a visible layer of innocence. To me he just feels like he could be that guy that sits down with you at a party and has a really deep conversation with you about life but will also be the one who would rock up to the party 3 hours before everyone else because he’s punctual and old fashioned.

After he joined the project we worked on some ideas early on in 2015, and then again later in August. We decided early on it needed to be a modern day silent film, as we wanted the story to be driven by the body (and later the editing). Soon after we got into the studio I realised the original intention of the piece, to make it comedic and ‘unco’, was going to be hard with Josh as the central character. His dance skills, although untrained, had a real sense of clarity and poise. He was far too beautiful to be made fun of. So we reworked it a bit and let the movement create a lightness to it self that contrasted to his frustration as a character. This short would have been nothing if it wasn’t for the drive and passion Josh brought to it. To this day he has been one of my favourite people to work with.

Jess Quilter

Jess was the first person I approached for the role as the girl and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more committed person to join the project. She’s someone I’m genuinely interested to work with again in the future as a more central character. Her love of film and being within the process kept the energy high whilst shooting.

Kirsty Chandler

Kirsty is a rare case. She doesn’t only know what to do before you ask but she does it and goes far beyond. She’s the brain that works overtime doing stuff I didn’t know needed to be done. She’s been with me since the start and already passionate about future projects. I can’t imagine my life without Kirsty in it.

Filmed & Edited by Jacob Edmonds
Music by Troy Rogan and Liam Whittaker
Starring Joshua Cramond and Jess Quilter
Produced by Kirsty Chandler and Jacob Edmonds
Directed by Jacob Edmonds

Thanks to Joshua Cramond, Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School, New Zealand School of Dance, Paula Steeds-Huston, Kirsty Chandler, Jess Quilter, Olivia Chan, Conor Cameron and Chris Jannidies.


Angst…Discomfort…Contemporary Art

Canvas is a discussion on placement and pace of editing. I wanted to see how uncomfortable an audience could be amongst the setting of serenity. Stripping away camera movement and placing it to cover images of the outback you might only see in a gallery. Force discord by inserting a dancer that moves without grace or ease. What kinds of feelings are provoked? Allow harmonious edits occasionally to throw the viewer off balance here and there so to reconnect with the images until quickly being pushed back again into cacophony.

Produced, Filmed and Edited by Jacob Edmonds
Music Troy Rogan and Liam Whittaker
Dancer Jacob Edmonds

Thanks to Eliza Sanders, Laura Beanland-Stephens, Joshua Cramond
Special Thanks to Micah and David Edmonds for equipment and gear